Baby E Turns 1 | Little Rock Smash Cake Photographer

I knew this little lady’s cake was going to be amazing! Baby E came to see me earlier this month for her 1 year studio smash cake session at my Little Rock studio. Her dad always makes their cakes and they NEVER disappoint. They have just gotten better and better over the years! Check out big brother’s & big sister’s cakes.

This one was by far the stickiest though. Ha! The honey was apricot jam, and it was delightfully messy. It smeared on her face perfectly. I can never get over her expressions. So big with those big eyes!

During a little break while she was changing for cake her big sister plopped down in front of me. I quickly grabbed an image of her and knew we HAD to get one of each kiddo. I love them and hope they are all hanging big on this family’s walls! Gorgeous!

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