Family Sessions

For Every Family Occasion

Is it time to update your family portraits?  Have a kiddo celebrating a special birthday?  Then let’s get something set up! These Sessions are either at my boutique Studio in Midtown Little Rock or on location.   

Sessions take place on location that we decide on ahead of your session.  They can be outdoors, an indoor location, or in the comfort of your home.

Sessions take place at my boutique studio located in the midtown area of Little Rock where I have access to all my favorite things!

The Process



All sessions include a product credit for digital and tangible products.

We have a wide array of products, several collections that include prints and digitals
as well as a la carte items.  

When should I book?

I recommend booking 2 months before your due date to ensure a spot on my calendar. If you need a fall weekend, I recommend booking in July if you are not flexible with your dates.  August if you just have a month in mind.  Weekdays are usually pretty flexible about 2-4 weeks out.

Do you have Mini Sessions?

I do!  I offer several themed studio mini sessions throughout the year and usually offer 1-2 days in the spring & summer of outdoor options.  In the fall there are lots of outdoor options.  Those get released at the end of July/beginning of August. 

They fill up quickly, but usually I am able to add on additional dates as we make it through the season.  And don’t forget about Santa!  He comes to the studio every year for the first Sunday in December.  You can see what is coming up or is available in the shop

What if we have a large group of family members?

I love extended family sessions!  There are fees depending on what all you want to capture during your session. 

I recommend shooting me an email through my contact form with as much information as you can, so I can give you the best accurate quote.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope!  You do not have to bring a single thing except a smile! 

If you have little kiddos, never be above bribing. The perfect bribe is a favorite candy they can eat quickly that is not messy.  Nerds, smarties, skittles. Puffs or small fruit snacks also work. Chocolate is NOT a great idea because it is messy. 

Just give them to me when we get started.

What should we wear?

I recommend wearing something you feel good in!  Pick one pattern and pull colors from it. I am also happy to help with this. 

Once you book we can start discussing locations & coordinating outfits. 

I found an image on Pinterest. Can I send it to you?

Of course! I love to see the things you love! I really love when you send me photos of things I have actually shot though. In either case, we can usually do a variation of what you have sent.

Images should ideally be sent immediately and before the eve of your session. This gives me time to plan.

Please do not send me 10+ images though. It leaves me confused about what you actually want and usually makes me have to say no to several things. I would prefer to say YES!

Where should I get my images printed?

I always tell people it is best to order wall art from me. My images are calibrated to my professional lab printers. You do not have to order prints from me though.

I recommend ordering from Full Color or Mpix Photo Lab. Both are great consumer labs & ship directly to you!

Do I get all of my images?

The Deluxe Newborn and Family sessions both include all of your gallery images. The rest all come with a momentary credit that you can use towards purchasing images, prints, and/or canvases.

The amount is equal to a digital bundle. That way if you pick that bundle you owe nothing after. If you pick a larger bundle, we will apply the credit to your total.

How much do people usually spend?

Most people upgrade to the next digital bundle, so between $400-1000 not including physical prints.

I still have questions…

Please reach out with any questions through my contact form! I’m happy to help in any way.

Say Hello!

The absolute best way to inquire about my services is through my website contact form.

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