Baby I Turns 1 | Little Rock Smash Cake Photographer

This girl and her big beautiful eyes came to see me at my studio in Little Rock for her 1 year smash cake session. We had to do a little juxtaposition* with her flowers from her newborn session!

***Interesting enough….I did one of these for another client and they shared it on facebook. One of their friend commented how much they loved the juxtaposition….full disclosure. I had zero idea what that was, so I was off to google. Turns out I love Juxtaposition photos! I always have. I just didn’t know what to call them.

Jux-ta-po-si-tion – noun – the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side often to compare or contrast an interesting effect.

Like growing! 🙂

Her little woodland smash cake was perfect! I love that she took a bite out of the cake. It makes me giggle when that happens. So cute!!! And of course, she was nice enough to share with big brother at the end.