Business Sessions

Business Portraits & More

Looking to update your Professional portraits?

We have several options for you whether you want to keep it simple with a professional studio portrait, do something a little more creative, or have a group needing to update the company’s digital media.  

Sessions take place at my boutique studio located in the midtown area of Little Rock where I have access to all my favorite things!

Sessions take place at a location that we decide on ahead of your session.  They can be outdoors, an indoor location, or in the comfort of your home.

Commercial photography can include product, branding, architecture or real estate.

The Process



There is special pricing for larger groups photographed all on the same day in the same location.

When should I book?

If you need a weekend, I recommend booking 2 months in advance.  If you need a fall weekend, I recommend booking in July if you are not flexible with your dates.  August if you just have a month in mind.  Weekdays are usually pretty flexible about 2-4 weeks out. 

I can usually fit in a Simple Studio Business portrait within a week.

What if we have a large group?

Headshot days are a great way to update your employee’s images and ensure they are all cohesive.  There are fees depending on what all you want to capture while I am at your office. 

I recommend shooting me an email through my contact form with as much information as you can, so I can give you the best accurate quote.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope!  You do not have to bring a single thing except a smile! 

What should we wear?

I recommend wearing something you feel good in!  Dress for the job you have…or the job you want!  You are also welcome to bring outfit options and I can help choose. 

If we are doing more branding, I do recommend bringing a few options.  Even just different jackets or ties.  We will discuss this during the planning phase.

I found an image on Pinterest. Can I send it to you?

Of course! I love to see the things you love! I really love when you send me photos of things I have actually shot though. In either case, we can usually do a variation of what you have sent.

Images should ideally be sent immediately after booking or during our planning phase. That way I can plan.

Please do not send me 10+ images though. It leaves me confused about what you actually want and usually makes me have to say no to several things. I would prefer to say YES!

Do I get all of my images?

Each session comes with an image or more. It depends on what session you are doing.

How much do people usually spend?

Simple Studio Headshots are usually just the session fee!

Branding and commercial amounts vary widely.

I still have questions…

Please reach out with any questions through my contact form! I’m happy to help in any way.

Say Hello!

The absolute best way to inquire about my services is through my website contact form.

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