Oban is 1!!!

Happy Birthday Oban!!!!  I hope you have had a wonderful day!

I don’t usually blog my “Happy Birthday” posts, but I felt like I needed to tell the story.   First of all Oban’s dad made this cake…..WHAT?!?!?!  That is pretty amazing!  Even the dinosaur on the cake is made out of chocolate!  Which is good because he ate it’s head and that is about all of the cake he ate.  You can’t tell from the photos though!


Dinosaur heads are yummy!003_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer004_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer005_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer

Roaring like a dinosaur is fun!006_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer007_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer

Throwing cake is super fun!008_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer009_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer

Finger painting with icing is also fun!010_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer011_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer

Actually eating the cake is not fun!


Possibly my most favorite outtake from a cake smash EVER……012_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer013_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer014_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer015_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer016_dino_smash_cake_little_rock_photographer

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