Baby L

Oh this sweet little girl!!!!  I love so many things about this session!  All the things they brought were so special and just worked wonderfully.  I also have a huge soft spot for older siblings because I am a MUCH older sibling myself.  I have two brothers that are 8 & 14 yrs younger than me, and it’s pretty awesome.   This family was seriously so great to work with and I had so much fun getting to know her momma!  I also think the flower wreath might be one of my all time favorites!


Even Baby L has a big old smile on her face……<3<3<3<3 I do seriously LOVE this image so much!056_little_rock_photographer_newborn057_little_rock_photographer_newborn058_little_rock_photographer_newborn059_little_rock_photographer_newborn060_little_rock_photographer_newborn061_little_rock_photographer_newborn062_little_rock_photographer_newborn063_little_rock_photographer_newborn

Look at this beautiful Momma!  And seriously they all have the most amazing eyelashes!064_little_rock_photographer_newborn065_little_rock_photographer_newborn066_little_rock_photographer_newborn067_little_rock_photographer_newborn

This perfect little rag doll….They bought it for her when they went to Paris.  068_little_rock_photographer_newborn069_little_rock_photographer_newborn070_little_rock_photographer_newborn071_little_rock_photographer_newborn072_little_rock_photographer_newborn

I blocked out her name for a little privacy. 😉 But I had to share this because I thought this idea was so neat!073_little_rock_photographer_newborn074_little_rock_photographer_newborn

Pretty as a Princess.075_little_rock_photographer_newborn076_little_rock_photographer_newborn077_little_rock_photographer_newborn078_little_rock_photographer_newborn079_little_rock_photographer_newborn080_little_rock_photographer_newborn081_little_rock_photographer_newborn082_little_rock_photographer_newborn

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