Hello Baby D

What a wonderful end to 2016!  I have always enjoyed birth photography.  I am so excited to be adding birth photography and fresh 48hr sessions back to my services!  There is nothing more special than the moments surrounding a baby’s entrance into this world.  Baby D was no exception!

Baby D was a planned C section.  His big brother had paved the way just over 2 years ago.  (I had the honor of photographing his birth as well).  I woke up early on the morning of Dec 28th.  I could barely contain my excitement.  I have known his momma since our days at the U of A in Fayetteville.  I rechecked my gear, poured another cup of coffee and was off to Baptist Hospital.


If you have never had a planned C section, you might assume it’s all calm and rainbows.  I feel like it is for all of the staff, but as a C section Momma, I can assure you it is all nerves and crazy on the inside for the Momma.  On this cold morning, we were not only waiting to meet Baby D but also waiting to find out if he was a boy or a girl.  These parents have gone team green for both their babies.  I literally walk around on cloud 9 while I am waiting for that magic noise of their baby’s first cry. With a planned section, the wait is usually not that long.  They family passed the time trying to act normal…..like they weren’t about to meet the newest addition to their family.  Then it was time to go and for Dad & I to get suited up!  And wait just a little bit more……..

After what felt like an eternity, we entered the OR.  Momma was all prepped and ready and they were about to start.  It is funny how slow time creeps by while waiting to meet your baby.  It is almost like time stands still.  You tell jokes, listen to music and anxiously await that first sound of life.


And suddenly…..There’s that sound and the Dr telling you “It’s a BOY!!!”.


031_eddydaxbirthThose first little kisses and hellos! 035_eddydaxbirth_bwNow pause and look at these……Baptist now offers immediate skin to skin right after a C section birth!  I was surprised and so impressed!  They literally take the baby over for a quick check by NICU and bring them back to rest on Momma’s chest.  A nurse stays close to keep an eye on them & help hold them there while they finish with the surgery.  AMAZING!!!!!  I just really think this is such a wonderful thing they are doing now at Baptist.  LOVE IT!!!

042_eddydaxbirthTime for a few stats check!  8 lbs, 6oz & 20 inches!  Look at those cheeks and that sweet little face.  044_eddydaxbirth_bw054_eddydaxbirthDad’s turn to hold Baby D.  I love how Momma is just watching them in awe the entire time.  I really love the pull back in the OR.  The look on her face just melts my little heart.  057_eddydaxbirth061_eddydaxbirth_bwMeeting our grandmother and some more smooches.071_eddydaxbirthBig Brother J came to meet his little brother. He could not have been more excited to see his family!  Look at those curls and that smile.  He is seriously the sweetest happiest little boy ever!  074_eddydaxbirth_bw087_eddydaxbirthI captured a few more cuddles with Momma before I made my exit.  What a perfect way to end a perfect morning!088_eddydaxbirth_bw

If you have any interest in birth photography or fresh 24hr sessions, please contact me!  I mean how could you not want all these special moments captured???  Plus, fresh babies make me happy!!!!