Baby M | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet Baby M and see his family again at my studio. One of my first babies of 2022! I am in love with that sibling image. You never know how it will go with young siblings, but it is hard to top some real giggles! Also cheeks….LOOK AT THOS CHEEKS!Continue reading “Baby M | Little Rock Newborn Photographer”

Baby A | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

One of my last babies for 2021 and she was the sweetest with the absolute sweetest big brother! A lot of people do not realize that you can choose to have your newborn session in your home. There are 3 options that all have a different level of studio photography. It will look like IContinue reading “Baby A | Little Rock Newborn Photographer”

Waiting on Baby M | Little Rock Photographer

Ya’ll….How gorgeous is this pregnant momma??? I think this family has the most beautiful eyes! Like for real. You might recognize this location because it is one of my favorite spots. It is close to the middle of Little Rock, tons of parking and a few steps…We are in a field! With great light andContinue reading “Waiting on Baby M | Little Rock Photographer”

Baby A | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

Baby A came to see me last month for her newborn session in my midtown boutique studio in Little Rock. Her expressions crack me up! Such a personality in a tiny little package. Love it!

The M Twins | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

These two perfect little ladies came to visit me with their big sister last month. Lots of cuteness in the studio that day. They were such adorable little models for me.

Baby B | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

Look at these sweet boys! Baby B came to see me last month at my studio in the Midtown area of Little Rock. I cannot wait to watch this handsome fellow grow up! Also…I am obsessed with the green in the family images.

Baby M | Little Rock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to get to meet Baby M! I got to go to his home in the Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock. It was the most perfect backdrop for his session. He was just the sweetest little guy for me, and his siblings could not get enough of him either. They both justContinue reading “Baby M | Little Rock Lifestyle Newborn Photographer”

Baby J | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

Last month Baby J came to see me, and he did not want to snooze for us. He didn’t want to miss anything! He was so chill for us, & his big alert eyes are so beautiful. Sometimes that happens and I am here for it!

Baby R | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

Ya’ll know I love me some redheads! If you do not, then this would be a good time to let you know my daughter has red hair. 🙂 I do believe that green is her color. I loved getting to meet Miss R and see her family again in my Little Rock studio. I can’tContinue reading “Baby R | Little Rock Newborn Photographer”

Baby J | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

Baby J came to see me in my Little Rock studio for his newborn session earlier this month. I love the yellow! I do not get to use it very often, and it is so pretty. I love that little sneak awake image we captured. You never know because babies are little humans, but IContinue reading “Baby J | Little Rock Newborn Photographer”

The N Triplets | Little Rock Newborn Photographer

These little loves were 3 times the fun! The N triplets came to see me at my studio in Little Rock when they were just over 2 months old. Their little personalities already shining through! I can’t wait to watch them grow up this year. They are part of my Watch me Grow plans thatContinue reading “The N Triplets | Little Rock Newborn Photographer”

Baby E | Little Rock, Arkansas Newborn Photographer

This sweet babe came to see me last month for her newborn session at my studio in Little Rock, Arkansas. Baby E was a champion sleeper for us!  And her little expressions are the best.  I have had the honor of photographing both of her older siblings as well. I love that we have beenContinue reading “Baby E | Little Rock, Arkansas Newborn Photographer”