Meet Lacey


I have had a camera by my side since I was 14 years old.  I started taking photography classes in high school because it was the *cool* thing to do.  Little did I know I would quickly fall in love with it.  There is still a photograph that I took at 15 years old that hangs in my living room.  It is still one of my favorite photographs, but I keep it for the memory.  That was the moment I realized how much I loved being behind the camera.

I attended the University of Arkansas and obtained a degree in Journalism Ad/PR.  After graduating in 2002, I began working for a local photographer, Dixie Knight.  I did all of her black and white darkroom printing.   I loved it!  I loved the smells, the quiet & found great joy in the work itself.  Still to this day I want a darkroom in my house.  I love a good darkroom….even though I have not hand printed in years!  In mid 2004 I moved to New Orleans.  I worked for a commercial photographer until Katrina brought me back to Arkansas in August of 2005.  I decided to stay in Little Rock and open my own studio.

It has been a great ride!  I have been very blessed with amazing clients and opportunities.  People ask me all the time, “What kind of photography do you do?  Weddings? Families? Newborns? Commercial???”  I say, “YES!!!”  I do it all.  I love having a mix of photography.   I love all the people I meet!  I think that is my favorite part of my job.  Capturing people in moments.


A few fun facts…….

  • I married my awesome husband in October 2011.
  • We have a beautiful little girl named Frances born in May 2012.
  • I love Snickers Bars, Ramen noodles and coffee.
  • I am not afraid to remodel a bathroom, kitchen or an entire house.
  • I am super laid back yet a touch of a control freak.
  • I love going to new cities and eating my way through town. I LOVE FOOD.  All kinds.
  • My favorite city so far is San Francisco. If you go…Nan King in Chinatown is a MUST.
  • I am a dog lover! My furbabies are Hazel and Marshall.  I might talk about them like they are people.
  • I have a lot of accessories but usually have on flats and the same earrings, necklace, wedding band & purse. I think that’s kind of funny.
  • I get giddy when it snows. Like a kid.


Enough about me!  Thanks for stopping by the LDP website, and I hope to get to know you soon too!