Meet Lacey


I have had a camera by my side since I was 14 years old.  I started taking photography classes in high school because it was the *cool* thing to do.  Little did I know I would quickly fall in love with it.  There is still a photograph that I took at 15 years old that hangs in my living room.  It is still one of my favorite photographs, but I keep it for the memory.  That was the moment I realized how much I loved being behind the camera.

I attended the University of Arkansas and obtained a degree in Journalism Ad/PR.  After graduating in 2002, I began working for a local photographer, Dixie Knight.  I did all of her black and white darkroom printing.   I loved it!  I loved the smells, the quiet & found great joy in the work itself.  Still to this day I want a darkroom in my house.  I love a good darkroom….even though I have not hand printed in years!  In mid 2004 I moved to New Orleans.  I worked for a commercial photographer until Katrina brought me back to Arkansas in August of 2005.  I decided to stay in Little Rock and open my own studio.

It has been a great ride!  I have been very blessed with amazing clients and opportunities.  I recently moved into my new studio. It has tons of space and allows me to create with all of my favorite things in one place. Once I get settled, I will add some photos. I can’t wait to share it with you!


I was updating my website and I just couldn’t bring myself to swap out this photo!  My best girl is so cute and little in it.  That smile will always get me.  Always.  Here is an updated image. 🙂  That smile gets me too. 

I will talk your ear off about any and everything, but I hate writing about myself…..So here are a few fun facts in no particular order…….

  • I married my awesome husband in October 2011.
  • We have a beautiful not so little girl named Frances born in May 2012.
  • I love Snickers, Ramen noodles and coffee….I am gluten and cow dairy free now though, so I replaced the Snickers with gummy bears (Organic Albanese ones are where it’s at) and rice ramen. Still coffee though. All the coffee.
  • I am not afraid to remodel a bathroom, kitchen or an entire house.
  • I am super laid back yet a touch of a control freak.
  • I love going to new cities and eating my way through town. I LOVE FOOD.  All kinds.
  • My favorite city so far is San Francisco. If you go…Nan King in Chinatown is a MUST.
  • I am wildly sentimental. I have my grandfather’s old cameras & slides/negatives, photographed my daughter at 6mos in the same dress I had my 6-month-old photos taken in, and my grandmother’s everyday glassware that we use daily. I love it!
  • I am a dog lover! My furbabies are Lady and Marshall.  I might talk about them like they are people.
  • I have a lot of accessories but usually have on flats and the same earrings, necklace, wedding band & purse. I think that’s kind of funny.
  • I get giddy when it snows. Like a kid.
  • I love music. It can literally turn my day around, motivate me, calm me down and help get me in the zone. If you are early to your session, you might catch me rocking out and rushing over to turn it down.

Enough about me!  Thanks for stopping by the LDP website, and I hope to get to know you soon too!


Studio images by FTP Collective & beach images by Shot by Loriel in Destin,FL.

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